Songs from Sesamstrasse
Released 1973
Format LP
Label Poly
Cat no. 2961 004

Sesamstrasse Buch und Schallplatte (Sesame Street Book and Record) is the first Sesamstrasse soundtrack album produced in Germany. It compiles songs and sketches, re-recorded but very near to the original voice track from the show. It includes dubbed voices for Bob and Susan. The German street scenes, and related human cast, would not arrive until 1977. This album was also released as a cassette. Two tracks from this album were also released on a single.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Der, Die, Das (Sesamstrasse Theme) - Children's choir and orchestra
  2. Zeitung holen (literally 'Buying a newspaper'; Newspaper Expedition) - Ernie and Bert
  3. Wollt ihr mit uns fröhlich sein? (Do you want to be happy with us?) - Susan (Susanne)
  4. Krümel lebt Diät (literally 'Cookie goes on a diet'; Cookie Monster's diet) - Ernie, Cookie Monster and Grover
  5. Wer sind die Leute bloss von nebenan (The People in Your Neighborhood) - Bob and the Anything Muppets
  6. Wieviele Seiten hat ein Kreis? (How many sides does a circle have?) - Ernie and Bert
  7. Ich mag Müll (I Love Trash) - Oscar the Grouch
  8. Hätt' ich dich heut' erwartet (If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked a Cake) - Ernie and Cookie Monster

Side Two

  1. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (ABC-DEF-GHI) - Big Bird and Susan
  2. Ein Monster spielt Flöte (A monster plays the recorder) - Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster
  3. Es ist nicht sehr einfach, so allein (literally 'It's not easy being alone'; Bein' Green) - Kermit
  4. Verkäufer bietet eine "8" an (literally 'Salesman offers an "8"'; Would You Like to Buy an 8?) - Ernie and Lefty
  5. Körperteile (Bodyparts) - Kermit and Professor Hastings
  6. Eine Merkwürdige Geschichte (An Odd Story) - Ernie and visitor
  7. Quietsche-Entchen (Rubber Duckie) - Ernie
  8. Malen, Pinseln, Streichen, Schmieren (Closing Theme)

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