Music by Ingfried Hoffmann
Lyrics by Volker Ludwig
Date 1973

The 2012 Muppet cast during the theme sequence.

The Sesamstrasse Theme is the familiar opening theme song of Sesamstrasse.


The lyrics to the German theme song are Der, die, das (wer, wie, was – wieso, weshalb, warum – wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm!), literally translating to This, this and that (who, how, what - why, why and why - those who don't ask stay dumb!).

The openings have varied slightly over the years, mainly consisting of footage with children until 2000, in which the German Muppet characters were used for the first time. (However, they were shown in the openings on a few occasions, like the 1000th episode for example.)


The original closing theme title was Malen, Pinseln, Streichen, Schmieren. During the '70s, footage was shown of children painting. During the 80s and 90s, an instrumental version of the closing theme played during various short animation segments (e.g. a parade of monsters; a German chef). Starting in 2000, an instrumental version of the opening theme was used with cues from the original closing theme. In 2013, the credit sequences were dropped and copyright production credits are displayed towards the end of the episode.

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