PERFORMER Michael Earl
DEBUT 1980

When a little girl (Brian Muehl) happens upon what she presumes is a white picket fence, she is overcome with joy at the potential fun this provides for her. She proceeds to use a stick to count out each picket, forward and backward. Counting seven each way, the girl's excitement increases as she more and more quickly runs up and down the short patch of grass, dragging her stick along each picket.

Suddenly, the top half of a large, green monster's head breaches her view, revealing that the pickets in the fence are in fact his teeth. He roars loudly and gives an ominous low laugh, flexing his jaw. The girl appears frightened at first, but then delivers an even louder roar back at him, causing the monster to scamper away. She remains to reiterate the number of teeth she has counted to the viewer. (First: Episode 1401)

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