Media Service Zawada publishes a series of Sezamkowy Zakątek books in Poland, to tie in with the hour-long compilation of Sesame Street segments that airs daily on the Polish kids' channel MiniMini. The books are sold on newsstands, and each one is numbered; a new book is released every couple of months. (This is a popular format for children's paperbacks in some European countries, something like the way comic books are released monthly in the United States.)

Most of the books are Polish translations of American storybooks, although some have been storybook adaptations of Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures segments, first published in Germany as the Ernie und Bert im Land der Träume book series.

The series began in 2007, and reached its 33rd volume by 2011. In 2012, the series relaunched as Sezamkowy Zakątek Ulubione bajki (Sesame Street Favorite Stories).

Ulubione bajki

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