Shalom Sesame
Air date January 11, 2011
Sponsors Nun, Lamed, Sheva
Shalom 3

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SCENE 1 Grover welcomes the viewers and notice it is a busy day on Rechov Sumsum. Nobody has time to talk with Grover because they have to finish everything before Shabbat. Curious about what Shabbat is, Grover decides to ask Shoshana.

SCENE 1 cont'd Grover finds out from Shoshana that Shabbat is the Jewish day of rest that comes every Friday when the sun goes down. The day ends on Saturday night when three stars appear. Shoshana replies that she has a lot to do and Grover offer his assistance. Shoshana tells Grover to tidy up the place and Grover goes off to get a broom to sweep up the floor in the café. Then Shoshana sets up the table with candles, the Kiddush Cup, and the challah bread. As Shoshana goes off to the cover for the challah bread, Grover comes back and notices the Shabbat items on the table. He assume to help tidy up the place, he needs to get put away these three items.
Film A video montage of what to do before Shabbat.
Film Kids talk about what Shabbat is and what they do on that day.
Film A kindergarten (gan) girl named Anat talks about celebrating Shabbat every Friday in class. They create decorations and make challah bread.

SCENE 2 Lemlem comes by with a salad that she made for Shabbat dinner. When she notice Shoshana isn’t around and nothing on the table, she gets the table ready. As Lemlem goes off to find Shoshana, Grover comes back and was surprised to find the Shabbat items back on the table. He goes off to put them away.
Film A girl named Aldina talks about tzedakah, or charity, and collects food for those in need with her family.
Cartoon Words that start with Nun.
Muppets The Number of the Day: 7
Seven dancing chickens show up for the number of the day.
Cartoon Snow White counts seven plates for her seven dwarves.
Cartoon Words beginning with Lamed.
SCENE 3 Lemlem finds Shoshana with the cover for the challah bread. As they walk over to the table, they notice the Shabbat items are gone and decide to place them out again. Just then, Grover came in and was surprised again to see the Shabbat items appeared on the table. Shoshana and Lemlem explain to Grover that they put these items out and how they are use to celebrate Shabbat.
Film The process of making challah bread.
Celebrity Cedric the Entertainer tells a riddle about challah bread.
SCENE 4 Everyone is gathered for the Shabbat dinner. Moishe Oofnik is about to start eating, but Avigail wants to sing “Bim Bam.” Then they start to eat.
Cartoon A story about the creation of Earth.
Film An Israeli boy describes how his family celebrates Shabbot.
Muppets Big Bird wants to take a rest from playing tag with Elmo, but Elmo wants to keep playing. Through song, Big Bird emphasizes the importance of resting to Elmo. As they rest, they watch some kids ride on their scooters, Zoe dancing, and Telly bouncing on his pogo stick. When the song is over, Big Bird is ready to continue the game of tag with Elmo.
Film Kids talk about what they do on Shabbat.
Muppets Postcard from Grover
Grover explore the city of Tzfat.
Closing The sponsors are announced.

DVD Bonus

  • Grover's Video Player:
    • "The Jewish Calendar"
    • "Making Bread"

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