PERFORMER Tara Mooney voice
  Peter Linz puppeteer
DEBUT 1997
Anney Fresh and Shadow

Puppet wrangler Anney Fresh with the Shadow puppet.

Shadow is a playful, sentient shadow on Bear in the Big Blue House. In most episodes, she tells a story, sometimes partly in song. Occasionally, her stories are entirely sung. Shadow's stories combine joy and melancholy.

She is a whimsical creature possessing a quirky nature whose stories are illustrated using the medium of shadow puppetry. Often she will sing the stories and rhymes while the characters within the shadow puppet segments give deadpan commentary. Her melodies are often modal.

Shadow usually presages her presence with her musical laugh. Bear (with the help of the viewers) tries to find her by singing her song -- "Where, oh where, oh where is Shadow?" This never seems to work, though, so Bear has to call "Shadow!" in order to get her to appear.


  • The shadow puppet segments that accompany Shadow's stories were written, designed, and performed by Jon Ludwig.
  • Ludwig and Mooney worked together with Peter Lurye the musical director to write most of the shadow puppetry music segments.
  • In the first part of "A Berry Bear Christmas", Shadow twists the format of finding her; instead of Bear singing the Shadow song, Shadow sings her own version of the song, "Where Oh Where is Bear?".

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