Shadow's stories were a recurring segment featured on Bear in the Big Blue House.

Season 1

Episode 101: Home Is Where the Bear Is

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe goes about her regular routine, feeding her children and sending them to bed.


Episode 102: Water, Water Everywhere

The Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up the water spout. A bird catches him by surprise when he reaches the top, but the spider gets the last laugh.

Episode 104: Shape of a Bear

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: A man lays awake at night wondering about a familiar shape he sees outside his window. He's almost ready to give up when he suddenly realizes... it's a star!

Episode 105: Picture of Health
Episode 316: That Healing Feeling

Five Little Monkeys: Five monkey children jump on the bed, fall off, and bump their heads. A doctor is repeatedly consulted and offers his advice: bed rest (and taking Aspirin).

Episode 106: Share, Bear
Episode 310: What's Mine Is Yours

Baa Baa Black Sheep: The eponymous sheep shares three bags full of wool, but has none left for himself.

Episode 107: Why Bears Can't Fly

Humpty Dumpty the beatnik slips and falls off a wall. One of the king's men refuses to take responsibility for the disaster and exclaims that the notion of a horse gluing things back together is ridiculous.

Episode 108: Falling for Fall

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater loves everything related to pumpkins. Exasperated, his wife sarcastically exclaims that they'll soon "be living in a pumpkin house"... which Peter happily obliges to.


Episode 109: What's in the Mail, Today?

A Tisket, a Tasket: A girl writes a letter to her friend about her time at camp. While the girl's on her way to deliver it, the letter is accidentally dropped and picked up by a dog.


Episode 110: Dancin' the Day Away

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear: A teddy bear performs a wide range of dance moves throughout the day (at one point getting stuck in a dance position) and shows off his shoes.

Episode 111: A Wagon of a Different Color
Episode 213: Picture This

Roses Are Red: Shadow's variation of the classic poem ends with an alligator deciding to eat a blue suede shoe.

Episode 112: Dirt, I Love You So!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm: Old MacDonald has two chicks, a cow, a tree stump (which doesn't make sounds), and a dinosaur that doesn't live on the farm.

Episode 113: Music to My Ears

Hey Diddle Diddle: A dragon announces for Miss Kitty's song in front of the other animals.

Episode 114: All Connected

London Bridge: A lady at the bridge watches a boat captain stand on parts of the bridge like wood & clay, iron & steer, and even gum & glue. The boat captain realizes his feet are stuck, the lady says he should build a tunnel instead.

Episode 115: Summer Cooler

Jack and Jill are siblings and they went to explore a hill. They explored past a tree, a goat on a cliff, underneath Saturn which are exhausted, and underneath the heavenly cloud. They finally made it to the well, Jill says she is thirsty. Suddenly, Jack and Jill fell off the hill passing what they went earlier.

Episode 116: The Big Little Visitor

Hickory Dickory Dock: The world's fastest mouse is ready to break the record for his clock running lift, by lifting the chains and sitting on gears.

Episode 117: A Winter's Nap
Episode 201: Ooh Baby, Baby

Rock a Bye Baby: A baby cradle is on top of a tree. Next, it's on a branch. The branch began to break, and the parachute opens. The baby said it's a good thing to have a parachute.

Episode 118: Working Like a Bear

I've Been Working on the Railroad: A man builds railroad tracks with a hammer by a cow skull, a train with a whistle, and a hippo named Dinah is told to blow her horn.

Episode 119: Magic in the Kitchen
Episode 122: Eat, Drink Juice and Be Merry

Muffin Man lives in Gingerbread Lane, wearing a cape. Muffin Man was able to sit tastily upon a plate, and able to fly a little help into his mouth.

Episode 120: Spring Fever
Episode 121: A Plant Grows in Bear's House

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary: Mary and her boyfriend imagine a nice garden that Mary grew. Mary's boyfriend talks about the maids. "They're always stomping on my daisies!" says Mary.

Episode 124: Lost Thing

Three Little Kittens realize they lost their mittens. Mother Kitty punishes the three kittens for refusing to have pie. Once they have found their mittens, Mother Kitty rewards them a pie.

Episode 126: Friends for Life

Old Mother Hubbard realizes there is no more left in the cupboard. She decides to run errands by giving the dog some bread, some fruit, and even a red wig. They dance together.

Season 2

Episode 202: Raiders of the Lost Cheese

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: The bear is going over a mountain to see what he could see. The bear saw another mountain and decides to climb another mountain to see what's here as well.

Episode 203: The Big Sleep

Hush Little Baby: A mother (with Shadow's voice) is singing to her little baby, which are bothered by a mockingbird (which doesn't like opera), a diamond ring, and even a porcupine (greeting the baby "hello"). She decides to tickle the little baby instead. The baby closes his eyes, and a mother closes her eyes, and they began to touch both heads sleepily.

Episode 204: Clear as a Bell

Over in the Meadow: Shadow's version includes two frogs in the sun by the sand, three ducks in the blue pond, four birds in the hollow oak tree, and five snakes at the shore by a rock.

Episode 206: You Learn Something New Every Day

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: A doctor does some counting from 1 to 10: grasping parts of the buckle, grasping the doorknob (which a man is told to shut the door the other way), grasping the sticks (by a little girl), and laying them straight. Once he reaches to 10, he says "Remember, Practice Makes Perfect!"

Episode 207: Back to Nature

Home on the Range: A buffalo is roaming, a deer/antelope play Go Fish, a cowboy accidentally injures his thumb with a hammer. When it rains, the buffalo says "Looks like we gotta play inside today!"

Episode 208: The Ojolympics

Jack Be Nimble is a world record holder narrated by a commentator named Fred. Jack does some push ups while working on his spike shoes, and pants. Jack finally jumps over the candlestick, Fred happily won the Candlestick Jumping Finals and Jack jumps in front of the other people.

Episode 209: The Great Pretender

If All the World Were Apple Pie: The whole world is turned into an apple pie. An old man realizes there is bread and cheese everywhere. He said he can't drink the ink, but instead eats it.

Episode 210: It's All in Your Head

Far From Home Across the Sea: A sailor is sailing long miles on a ship when he thinks of her. At the end, a parrot delivers him a piece of wedding cake.

Episode 211: Oops, My Mistake
Episode 226: It's a Mystery to Me

Little Bo Peep realizes her sheep is lost, she calls the owner of the Lost Sheep Headlines. She tried falling asleep, catching a little crook (which a crook was meant to be). She decides to take her sheep to a disco dance.

Episode 212: Bear's Birthday Bash

Monday's Child: The first child has a laugh, the second was a ballerina dancer, the third has a child crying, the fourth was a child walking, the fifth was a girl petting the dog, the sixth was an adult digging ditches, and final was bonny and blithe, jumping excitingly.

Episode 215: Change Is in the Air
Episode 218: All Weather Bear

The North Wind Doth Blow: A robin decides to stay in the barn during a snowy day. It turns out a robin decides to go ice skating instead.

Episode 216: Look What I Made

Yankee Doodle finds out he is riding on a skateboard, a hippopotamus, a French poodle, and even what sticks in his hat: macaroni!

Episode 217: If at First You Don't Succeed...

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush: Shadow's version includes a woman and a dog doing laundry, taming a lion, swinging a trapeze, and giving them a pie in the face. The ringmaster sends them back to work doing laundry.

Episode 219: I Built That!

The Three Little Pigs are terrified by the Big Bad Wolf who is trying to blow the Pig's house down, but gives up. The wolf slid down the chimney, the pigs are handing the bathtub. The wolf is in the bathtub and is transformed into a version of himself tied in bows.

Episode 220: Tutter's Tiny Trip

Pussycat, Pussycat: Pussycat goes on a journey to London to rescue the Queen from a mouse under a chair. (00CAT is a reference parody of James Bond: 007.)

Episode 222: Afraid Not

Little Miss Muffet isn't scared of a spider who sat down beside her and makes friends with a spider by eating curds and whey.

Episode 223: I Gotta Be Me!

Little Jack Horner says he is not little, he is only in a corner. When he sticks a plum on his thumb, he is proud.

Episode 224: Buggin'

Ladybug Ladybug: The ladybug crew are getting ready to become firefighters. After putting out the fire with a hose, she says the house is struck by lightning bugs. "It's a good thing we live next to the fire plugs!" Mmm-hmm!" says Ladybug Wife.

Episode 225: Love Is All You Need

She Loves Me Not: A boy and a girl look at the flower. A boy takes two pedals one by one which she loves her or doesn't love her. Once he is sad, a girl uses a watering can to regrow each and every pedal of a flower. Once the pedal grows, the boy says "She loves me!" "I know I do!" she says.

Episode 227: As Different as Day and Night
Episode 237: We Did It Our Way

Jack Sprat is a fat guy and Pat is a thin woman, which are narrated by a drill sargent. Jack becomes a marathon runner and Pat is a weightlifter.

Episode 229: The Way I Feel Today

There Was a Little Girl: A girl practices his guitar lessons which turns into rock and roll with a piece of curl pointing out of her forehead. The dog is asked to use a comb, but she likes her curl better.

Episode 230: You Go, Ojo!
Episode 232: Boys Will Be Boys

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play: A boy and a girl become goodwill to make some ingredients in the middle of the night: pudding!

Episode 231: Scientific Bear

Wear You a Hat: Abraham Lincoln and King George do some tricks together. At the end, they are sent to outer space by zero gravity.

Episode 233: I Was Just Thinking

The Man in the Wilderness: In a Tarzan reference, Jane responds to Tarzan that many herrings are in the wood. A herring and a seal become friends to go on a request for a rotten egg.

Episode 234: Wish You Were Here

Oh My Darling Clementine: A 49er is excavating a mine, Clementine says she is on her way to school and e-mails him. "What's email?" asks the miner.

Episode 235: And to All a Good Night

His Trip to the Moon: In her nursery rhyme, a clown makes a mistake by pulling the lever. Once the hot air balloon lands on one of the bumps of the Moon, he finds an alien holding cheese. The clown refuses. "It's good cheese!" says the Alien.

Episode 236: Call It a Day

A Day in the Life of a Dog: A dog is spending some time in the life of a day, by sleeping on the ground, giving him a meal and howling at the moon. The cow tells the dog to be quiet because he's trying to get his own beauty sleep.

Episode 238: What's the Story?

The Frog Prince rescues the golden ball from a princess in Shadow's twist. They went to the castle to see the King for her wish. The King keeps the princess a promise, is when the princess gives the frog a peck, she is transformed into a second frog which got married.

Episode 239: When You've Got to Go!

Potty Potty: There is a music video with flashing colors in the background. A rapper raps the lyrics about going to the potty, and taking the potty train.

Season 3

Episode 301: Friends at Play

Mary Had a Little Lamb: Mary and the lamb explore their way to school, but the lamb follows her by driving a car, going skiing, and going scuba diving.

Episode 303: Lost and Found

Cock a Doodle Doo: The dame lost her shoe and decides to paint her nails, and her bare foot. The master lost his fiddle stick and wanders around looking for it. He realizes it's just an actual stick, which wanders more.

Episode 304: The Senseless Detectives

Little Red Riding Hood explores the senses of the Big Bad Wolf acting like a grandmother. He sticks out his tongue and Granny comes in as Dr. Granny.

Episode 305: Halloween Bear

What Do Shadows Do for Halloween Two people pretend to be shadows on Halloween. It includes flying above the roof, sitting by the tree, hiding by the wall, wiggling under a street lamp, repeating words to a frog, and so on.

Episode 306: You Never Know

Pop Goes the Weasel: The monkey and the weasel are best friends when they run around the Cobbler's Bench.

Episode 307: It's All About You

The Ugly Duckling grows up as an adult after becoming a lovely swan, and likes his dashing to the eye of the beholder.

Episode 308: Woodland House Wonderful

There Was an Old Woman Tossed in a Basket: A man catapults the old woman all the way to the sky by passing the Moon. The old woman was too far away to hear, but sweeps the cobwebs in the sky. "I don't do windows!" she exclaims.

Episode 311: Bear's Secret Cave

Christopher Columbus explores an island in 1492 when the ocean turns green. One of the Indians said they were here first and shares Christopher potatoes. "What's a potato?" Christopher Columbus asked.

Episode 312: Smellorama

A Town That Lost Its Smell: She talks about a town that lost its scent: by passing roses, green toes, limburger cheese, seeing flies flying above odor and a pizza without an aroma. Suddenly, the man's nose began to sneeze when they had terrible colds.

Episode 313: I For-Got Rhythm!?

Tingalayo is a donkey which does his rhythm lessons while looking for the little girl.

Episode 314: Wait for Me

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain: A man, a moose and a wolf wait at the Mountains for the titular girl to come around the mountain. The man is given a telegram stating she'll be coming 'round the mountain next week, meaning they'll have to wait for quite some time. "Got any cards?" the wolf asks.

Episode 315: Morning Glory

A Yawn in the Dawn: In an orange background, a bear yawns, the birdie rises on a bird's nest, the sun arose over the mountains (the background is yellow and the sun is red), a rabbit, a newspaper-fetching dog, a fish catching a fly, and two sweetly mooing cows.

Episode 319: Words, Words, Words

Peter Piper is ready to pick some pickled peppers. He shows that a "peck" means eight quarts. At the end, when asked where the peck Peter picked is, Peter reveals he ate the whole peck of pickled peppers, before realizing he shouldn't have eaten so many and faints.

Episode 320: Let's Get Interactive

Gus is ready to go on an adventure to search Gloria which the answer is at the beach, not at a desert, and not at outer space either. Gloria summons Gus to play fetch, which they became friends.

Episode 321: The Yard Sale

To Market, To Market: A safari man buys two bucks for a rhinoceros and an emu for a wildlife refuge.

Episode 322: The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Squanto explores a journey to the Indians and Pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving in 1620.

Episode 323: Read My Book

Books for Everyone: The characters in the segments are from "You Go, Ojo!", "Friends at Play", "What's the Story?", "The Way I Feel Today" and "The Yard Sale" but not unknown characters in other segmented episodes.

324 shadows lullaby
Episode 324: Go to Sleep
Episode 423: Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash

Shadow's Lullaby: Shadow's own lullaby, sung to the residents of the Big Blue House as they go to sleep.

Episode 326: A Berry Bear Christmas (2)
Episode 327: A Berry Bear Christmas Special

I Have a Little Dreidel: Two people play a game of dreidel. The dreidel has turned into a talking dreidel with a face, says he is tired of spinning, and lands on a gimmel.

Episode 327: A Berry Bear Christmas Special

It's Kwanzaa Time: The people are ready to celebrate Kwanzaa in their tradition.

Season 4

Episode 402: Welcome to Woodland Valley (2)

Stone Soup: A wise woman makes some ingredients to the hungry villagers by using a colonel pot.

Episode 414: Appreciation Day

The Lion and the Mouse: The lion angry catches a mouse, the mouse says he is not hungry. After the lion is trapped by a hammock, the mouse rescues the lion by cutting the hammock itself. "Maybe lions do need help sometimes!" the lion exclaims.

Episode 416: Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday

The Little Hammer grows up one by one by a hammer parent. The hammer is turned into a middle adult, and has two hammer kids.

Episode 417: The View from You

A Duck and a Ladybug explore on an adventure by avoiding and getting lost. Once they got home, the duck and the ladybug are ready to go eat.

Episode 418: To Clean or Not to Clean

Do a Chore: A boy and a girl do chores by cleaning the room, taking the trash out, cleaning the table with plates, cleaning a dish, organizing her teddy bear, and even books.

Episode 419: The Great Bandini

Jazz: A cat, a horse, a giraffe, and a dog (with sunglasses) play musical instruments and perform them in a play.

Episode 420: Volunteers of Woodland Valley

The Volunteer: A man is ready to volunteer on a long journey by rescuing the cat on a chandelier, saving soup from a man, giving the cowboy a love card, and winning a trophy. He got home and performs a puppet show.

Episode 421: Big Blue Home of the Brave

Cowboy Flounder is riding on a seahorse in the West which are bothered by an old man. Cowboy Flounder defeats the cattle cows by swimming in the lake.

Episode 422: A Trip to the General Store

There Once Was a Turtle: A turtle saves money by going to the bank each and every day. At the end, the turtle and her boyfriend ride a motorcycle together.

Episode 426: This Is Your Life, Bear

The Milkman's Horse walked down the lane each and every day by being nice to a cop on the corner, a lady by the clothesline and school kids offering the horse an apple.

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