Shalom Sesame Muppet Matzah Cards is a 1994 card game based on Shalom Sesame, an American-based collaboration between Sesame Street and the Israeli co-production, Rechov Sumsum. The game aims to teach young Jewish children about Passover, using cards that introduce concepts related to the holiday, including matzah, the seder, the Four Questions, the bitter herb and the flight from Egypt.

The 52 cards are illustrated with pictures of Sesame characters, including the Rechov Sumsum characters Kippi Ben Kippod and Moishe Oofnik, as well as Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, the Count, Guy Smiley, Hoots the Owl and a Honker. The set comes with instructions for several games, including "Find the Matzah", "Passover Rummy" and "Four Questions".

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