DEBUT 1979

An unnamed shark appeared in various episodes of The Muppet Show beginning in season four. The fin of a larger shark had previously been seen (sans body) in the "At the Dance" sketch from episode 105.

This particular puppet wasn't seen after The Muppet Show, and was replaced by Achilles the Shark in "The Muppets" family of characters beginning in the late 1980s. This fish differs from The Muppet Show shark most notably with the addition of gills and a prominently different tail fin.


"Want Some Seafood Mama" (Jerry Nelson)
"At the Dance" (the "fish-cotheque")
Guest Star's Dressing Room (Richard Hunt)
"Three Little Fishes" (Frank Oz)
background of "I Go to Rio"
mounted on the wall during "The Gnu"

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