Sharon Lee Williams is a Canadian singer who provided vocals for characters on Fraggle Rock and The Jim Henson Hour.

She has sung as a background vocalist on albums for artists like Marc Jordan, The Whiteley Brothers, Bruce Cockburn, Glass Tiger, Alice Cooper and even Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas for their "Great White North" album. She released her own album in 1989 titled "your place or mine."

Williams has performed at events such as the '92 Toronto Women's Blues Revue and recently sang on CBC Radio's OnStage program with keyboardist and band leader Doug Riley. During the 70's she was a member of the group Soul Company, who performed on the CBC TV show "Keith Hampshire's Music Machine."


Aretha (voice), Tambourine Fraggle (voice), The Fragglettes (singing voice for all three of them), 3rd Venerable Sage (voice), Singing Cactus (voice)
Purple Extreme (voice)

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