Sheila Hancock as the cook in Alice in Wonderland.

Sheila Hancock (b. 1933) is an English stage, film, and television actress who appeared in the Creature Shop TV movie Alice in Wonderland as the cook.

Hancock's extensive film credits, which date back to 1960, include Wodehouse's The Girl on the Boat (as Jane), the Disney adventure movie The Moon-Spinners, Three Men and a Little Lady (with Ted Danson), and the 1968 film of the play The Anniversary; Hancock played Karen Taggart in the latter, and in 2005, the leading role of Mrs. Taggart in the West End revival of the play. In television, she played the cheerfully tyrannical Helen A, forcing happiness down her citizens' throats, in the Doctor Who serial "The Happiness Patrol." Other credits include the storyteller on Jackanory and Mrs. Guppy in the 2005 BBC serial adaptation of Charles Dickens' Bleak House.

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