Written by Ray Sipherd
Illustrator Sammis McLean
Published 1981
Publisher Western Publishing
Series Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN 0307231321

Sherlock Hemlock and the Creatures from Outer Space is a Sesame Street storybook featuring Sherlock Hemlock. Sherlock is reading a book about Outer Space when a storm begins to blow on Sesame Street. The attempts by everyone to seek cover, combined with atmospheric disturbances and strange noices, cause the dectective to believe Aliens from the planet Snarf are coming.

According to the book, Sherlock Hemlock's apartment (a sitting room full of scientific equipment and semi-Victorian bricabrac, ala Sherlock Holmes), is located above the Fix-It Shop. Also according to the book, Big Bird's nest has a ceiling fan, which seems rather odd given the lack of a ceiling.


Sherlock Hemlock, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Little Bird, Polly, Ned, Oscar the Grouch


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