Written by Revena Dwight
Illustrator Roger Bradfield
Published 1972
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book
ISBN 0307685640

Sherlock Hemlock and the Great Twiddlebug Mystery is a 1972 Sesame Street Tell-A-Tale Book.

Betty Lou sees a mess in front of her friend's yard, and wonders what happened. Sherlock Hemlock arrives and offers to help solve the mystery. He comes to the conclusion that Twiddlebugs caused the mess after being chased by a monster. However, Betty Lou figures out that somebody had a birthday party, and Roosevelt Franklin proves her right. But there's a surprise ending, showing you should never underestimate a professional detective like Sherlock.


This book is based on a Sesame Street sketch from Season 2. (First: Episode 0178)


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