PERFORMER Camille Bonora
DEBUT 1989

A Shoe appears in the "Monsterpiece Theater" presentation of The Taming of the Shoe.

This prima donna piece of foot wear resides in a dignified bed chamber, where Grovero plans to put her on his right foot and walk to the Padua Mall. The shoe, however, gives him a hard time about it ("I will not be tied to any foot!"), claiming she's perfectly capable of getting around by herself. Grovero finds this allegation rich and challenges her to prove it. Sure enough, the shoe finds that she can barely budge an inch on her own. Finally, she agrees to cooperate. Thus, the shoe is tamed.

Once the shoe is on Grovero's foot, she expresses a desire to dance, rather than walk, to the Mall. He is glad to oblige, and the two of them move to the beat of a catchy, jazzy tune. And so goes the course of "shoe love."