DEBUT 1974
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

A typical Western Bartender operates the Short Branch Cafe in a Marshal Grover sketch on Sesame Street (EKA: Episode 0683) When the Marshal and Fred the Wonder Horse arrive, Marshal Grover tells the bartender he'd like a glass of milk. The bartender offers him his choice of a big, bigger or biggest glass of milk.

Marshal Grover's indecision (and Fred's prompting) frustrate the bartender, who shows the difference between the three sizes. When Marshal Grover and Fred come behind the bar for a closer look, the bartender loses his patience and shouts at Marshal Grover to make his decision (choosing the biggest glass). As they leave, the bartender asks who's gonna pay for the milk. Marshal Grover says he'll come back tomorrow, but the bartender tells them it's free to prevent a return visit.


  • The Short Branch Cafe name references the Long Branch Saloon of Dodge City, Kansas. The Long Branch was often the site of gunfights and also figured as a regular location on the fictional Western series Gunsmoke.