Shalom Sesame
Air date 1991
Writer Louise Gikow
Director Moti Aviram
Sponsors resh, 13, "Shalom" and "Salaam"


Picture Segment Description

COLD OPEN An announcer (Bill St. James) introduces "Shirat Ha-Shirim" ("Song of Songs") with host, Kippi Ben Kippod. But, Moishe Oofnik comes in to host his own show, "Noise of Noises" and shows off his noise machine. It plays nice classical music (including the night-time Sesame Street Theme), so Moishe tries to fix it with a hammer, but it explodes on him. Kippi comes into the studio, and wonders what Moishe is doing; he gets up woozily, saying he wanted to start the show with a bang before fainting.

SCENE 1 Kippi welcomes the viewers to the show and explains how they do things. He takes their first request, which comes from Moishe who wants to hear a lullaby called Li La Li La his mom used to sing to him. Kippi figures that it will be nice and quiet, but it features a guitar with off-key playing and singing. Kippi complains that the song wouldn't put anyone asleep, until he sees Moishe sleeping.
Doo Wop Hop.jpg
Muppets Kermit performs "Do-Op Hop"
SCENE 2 Paul Shaffer calls to request a song called "Yeish'Li Chaver B'rushalayim (I Have Friend In Jerusalem)", but Kippi thinks he’s talking about his friend instead of a song.
Song "Yeish'Li Chaver B'rushalayim" ("I Have Friend In Jerusalem")
SCENE 3 While Moishe and Oscar try to find a nice rotten sound for Moishe’s "Sound of Sounds" show, Sarah Jessica Parker looks for the studio so she can perform on the show. She bumps into the two grouches and recognizes Oscar from America and asks them for directions, but they blow her off and tell her to scram!
Animation Geometric shapes morph into human-esque figures, which them form into dancing men (the Druz people), dancing the Devka Rafi'ach. Then, the process reverses itself.
SCENE 4 Kippi explains the previous segment. Kippi takes her next request from Anne Meara, but she has to cook dinner for her brothers and sisters with a broken stove and broken sink pipes. Kippi rolls songs about both of those things.
Film Kids dance together in the streets ("Hinei Ma Tov" - a song about unity), and then by the river ("U'shavtev Mayim" - a song about water).
SCENE 5 As the grouches continue to make noise, Sarah continues to wander around looking for the studio.
Cartoon A man walks onstage, with only legs. As body parts are added to him, two announcers name them in English and Hebrew.
SCENE 6 Kippi receives a request from...himself. Kippi II wants to hear a song he performed called "Yesh'Li Shnei Yadayim (I Have Two Hands)”. Moishe, however, finds it unfair that Kippi gets to make his own request.
Insert In a clip from Rechov Sumsum, Kippi walks along the street singing "Yesh'Li Shnei Yadayim (I Have Two Hands)", showing the kids their body parts.
SCENE 7 Sarah continues to search for the studio.
Muppets Grover dances to the "ABC Disco".
SCENE 8 Kippi introduces a song that immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia will like.
Film Immigrant kids sing a "Shalom" song.
Cartoon Rap #13
Celebrity Itzhak Perlman shows the difference between muzica (music) and rash (noise).
Animation Two kids drawings come to life and have an adventure and run into some angry clouds.
SCENE 9 Sarah finally makes it to the show. Kippi gives her a rubber duckie of her very own, a nice way of segueing to the next song...
Muppets Hoots the Owl tells Ernie to "Put Down the Duckie"
SCENE 9 cont'd Sarah asks her duckie what he thought of, squeaks it, and claims it gives it a positive review. Kippi is amazed Sarah can speak duck.
Celebrity B. B. King asks a girl about a nearby city, and learns how the blues means the same thing in Hebrew and English.
SCENE 10 Moishe uses a pair of Groucho glasses to fool Kippi and Sarah into playing his request.
Cartoon Animals sing "La!"
Film A song about fruit.
Cartoon Resh train ("Hinei Rakevet" - Here's a Train)
SCENE 11 Oscar now wants to make a request, but Kippi thinks it's Moishe in another disguise. Sarah explains who that is and they take his request.
Muppets Oscar and Grundgetta sing "The Off-Key Song" (edited)
SCENE 11 cont'd While Sarah praises the song, Kippi thinks it was terrible. The grouches use this opportunity of air time to start their "Noise of Noises" show. Sarah thinks its fun and starts making noise, much to Kippi's headache. Sarah convinces him to join in anyway.
SCENE 11 cont'd

Kippi announces the sponsors, with the grouches providing unwanted background noise until Kippi tells them to shush then remembers what the sponsors are and Moshe and Oscar are back making noise again. The credits roll to the popular Jewish tune, "David, Melech Yisrael" (David, King of Israel).


  • The original VHS release of this episode titles the episode "Kids Sing Israel (Grouches Don't)."


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