Shalom Sesame
Air date 1990
Writer Louise Gikow
Director Moti Aviram (Israel)
Ozzie Alfonso (USA)
Sponsors shmone, nun, chet


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Daphna and Yoav anchor for the Rechov Sumsum World of Sports and announce that Kippi Ben Kippod is about to participate in the Chanukah torch run to Jerusalem. Jeremy Miller reports from the scene where Kippi is in training.
SCENE 1 Moishe Oofnik tries to sell some 2,000 year old sufganiyot (jelly donuts) to Jeremy that stretch, bounce and fall to the ground like a rock.
Song "Sufganiyah": A song plays over a film about making sufganiyot and people eating them.
Celebrity David Brenner is coach of the Chet softball team. They're named as such because they always come in eighth.
Muppets The Count sings "Eight Beautiful Notes."
SCENE 2 Jeremy Miller hosts "Dreidel of Fortune" (a "Wheel of Fortune" take-off). When no one can guess the final answer, hostess Lavana White provides the missing clue and completes the puzzle: "A Great Miracle Happened Here". Since Ms. White works for the show, all the contestants get a prize.
Animation "The Dreidel Song / Chanukah Chanukah"
Celebrity David Brenner inspires his softball team to be heroes like Judah Maccabee; to fight to win the game the way he fought for freedom.
Film A child narrates a film about making latkes.
SCENE 3 Yoav and Jeremy Miller visit the city of Modi'in where Judah Maccabee was born. When they wonder what life was like back then, they are transported back in time and sing a rendition of "The People in Your Neighborhood". They meet a boy who grinds wheat into flour, a blacksmith, and some girls who crush olives to make oil. They were the people in your neighborhood.
Cartoon "Jazz #8"
Muppets Lefty the Salesman tries to sell Ernie a beautiful hand-painted picture of elephants.
Most of Ernie's dialogue is in Hebrew.
Animation In a clay animated segment, Joan Rivers provides the voice of a microphone who hosts "Here is Your Life" for an olive oil jug currently living in a museum. The jug (voice of David Burdick) is reintroduced to the potter (Joshua Rifkind) who made him from a lump of clay, the olive tree who gave the oil that filled up the jug (Nell Carter), and Simon Maccabee (Alan King) who saved him from the ruined temple. The jug was used to carry the oil to the menorah which burned for eight days.
Film Kids sing "Ner Li," and talk about what Chanukah means to them, and the traditions of the holiday.
Animation A spaceship deploys a "nun" that lights a candle.
Muppets "Do De Rubber Duck"
SCENE 4 The Rechov Sumsum World of Sports checks back in to report on Kippi's torch run status. Jeremy Miller reports from the scene as Kippi reaches his destination and the torch is used to light the menorah. A short instrumental of the popular Chanukah tune "Ma'oz Tzur" (Rock of Ages) is heard over the torch-lighting sequence, and the music continues over the credits with "Mi Y'malel" (Who Can Retell?), reprised later in Show 7: Sing Around the Seasons.


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