Shalom Sesame
Air date 1990
Writer Louise Gikow
Director Moti Aviram
Sponsors The seasons, sameh


Picture Segment Description

COLD OPEN Yoav and Jeremy Miller rehearse “Seasons are Like a Circle”. Moishe Oofnik overhears them from outside the door and decides to put a stop to the happiness. He tells Yoav he has a phone call and when he leaves the room, Moishe gives Jeremy a new script about Oofnik holidays, such as Garbage Day, Lo (No) Day and Sing Off-Key Day (which happens to be that day).
Song "The Seasons are Like a Circle": Autumn (סתיו/Stav)

SCENE 1 Moishe hosts "Oofnik Gourmet" with Jeremy. In honor of the new year, Moishe celebrates by dipping apple slices. However, Moishe dips the slice into disgusting sauces. Jeremy points out that they are dipped in honey for a sweet new year. Moishe says that for Oofnik holidays, they dip it in pickle juice so the new year will be sour, sardine grease so it will be slimy, hot sauce so it will be mean, and melted ice cream so it will be messy, which Jeremy thinks is a very bad idea no matter what.
Cartoon Fall-related Sameḥ words.
Muppets "Mah Na Mah Na"
Portion only
Song "The Seasons are Like a Circle": Winter (חורף/Ḥoref)

SCENE 2 Yoav, Kippi Ben Kippod, and Daphna rehearse for the “Singin' in the Rain” number. Jeremy comes out with winter gear (singing a bit of "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"), unaware that winter is the Israeli rainy season. Since there’s no money in the budget, they don’t have rain, they have a prop puddle. Moishe still thinks it’s missing something – umbrellas. However, when Moishe turns on a hose from overhead, they see they have holes in them.
Song "Drops of Rain" (טיפת של גשם/Tippus Shel Geshem)
Cartoon During a rain storm, a girl gives the word קר (cold) her umbrella and coat and becomes cold herself.
Film To the tune of the classic Hanukkah song "Mi Y'malel?", kids form a Hanukkah menorah from overhead, complete with waving ribbons for candles.
Song "The Seasons are Like a Circle": Spring (אביב/Aviv) (this time the chorus is sung in Hebrew)
Song A song about Tu Bishvat, the New Year for Trees, plays as children plant some trees.
SCENE 3 In a thrilling episode of “As the Seasons Turn," Jeremy brings Moishe to Dr. Yoav because he’s caught a case of “spring fever,” which makes him nicer and appreciative of nature.
Cartoon Guru Counting 1-20
Film A glimpse at the celebration of Purim.
Muppets "I'll Love You in Springtime"/"אהב כשאביב בא"
Portions are dubbed in Hebrew.
Cartoon A lady makes space on a bus for her Passover groceries.
Song "The Seasons are Like a Circle": Summer (קיץ/Kayiṣ)

SCENE 4 In another edition of Rechov Sumsum World of Sports, Jeremy reports from the beach for the "Sumsum Kayitz Games". Moishe is about to show off his mud pie toss, but the camera abruptly cuts back to the studio. Kippi participates in the Porcupine Wight Lifting Contest, where men lift Kippi on a lawn chair. And so the Sumsum Kayitz Games come to a thrilling close, but not before Moishe makes an attempt to hit Jeremy with another mud pie. Jeremy again ducks just in time, and the mud pie hits the camera lens.
Muppets "It Sure is Hot!"
The song is entirely redubbed, with new English and Hebrew vocals.

SCENE 5 The street celebrates Israel’s independence day with fireworks and dancing. When everyone leaves, Moishe decides to start Garbage Day and starts going through the trash. Much to his chagrin, they start cleaning the street. Moishe decides to start Lo Day early and starts screaming “Lo!” (No!) to make them stop.
Closing Kippi announces the sponsors and Moishe catches spring fever again. A reprise of "The Seasons are Like a Circle," with the chorus sung in both Hebrew and English, plays over the ending credits.


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