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Sid Caesar (1922-2014) was a comic actor who starred on such TV comedy-variety series as Your Show of Shows (1950-1954, with Imogene Coca and Carl Reiner) and Caesar's Hour (1954-1957). In films, he played dentist Melvin Crump in the 1963 epic comedy It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (co-starring Jonathan Winters, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Don Knotts, and many others). He later appeared in Grease and Grease 2 (as Coach Calhoun) and Mel Brooks' Silent Movie and History of the World: Part 1.

Caesar appeared on Sesame Street, reprising a Your Show of Shows character called "The Professor" in a number of segments. In one, the Germanic-accented, double-talking expert on everything tells Big Bird that he invented letters, but is astonished to find that an alphabet has been built around them. He vows to encourage the schools to teach the alphabet before quantum mechanics.


Picture Appearance Description
Episode 1999 Sid Caesar and Tatyana Ali practice showing their emotions.
Episode 2015 The Professor explains the laws of physics, which begin with soft and loud (as demonstrated by Fluffy).
Episode 2018 The Professor explains to Big Bird how he invented the alphabet.
Episode 2035 The Professor talks to the kids about the nose. A Honker adds one can honk their nose.
Episode 2062 Big Bird asks the Professor why we have knees.
Sid Caesar emotions kid vo.jpg
Episode 2117 Sid Caesar emotes according to the instructions of a kid in voiceover.

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