PERFORMER Joe Flaherty
DEBUT 1985

Sid Sleaze is one of the Sleaze Brothers in the 1985 film Follow That Bird. Sid is the somewhat more naive, childlike one of the pair. With his brother Sam Sleaze, he runs the Sleaze Brothers Funfair and kidnaps Big Bird to be the star attraction. Sid's main job with the outfit is to act as barker for such attractions as "The Invisible Gorilla."

Sid is as greedy as his brother, but with less of a single-minded focus (as he's easily distracted). He does briefly tear up during "I'm So Blue", but forgets about that almost instantly. In fact, it's his suggestion to have Big Bird jump into a pool from the top of a tall tower. In the end, he and Sam get arrested, to which he bawls like a child when the state trooper mentions the judge.

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