DEBUT 2001

Sigfried "Siggy" Manheim is the main antagonist of Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story. He is the greedy boss of Jack Robinson and he manages Jack's business affairs. He has short, wavy gray hair and a mustache. He encourages Jack to turn down a project involving alternative food supplies of genetically-engineered plants to feed the third world, and to build a casino complex in a small town, which the locals object to. He kept the stolen goose that laid the golden eggs and the singing harp all to himself, and he knew the truth about the true story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" all along and was entrusted to tell Jack when he came of age, but he encouraged him to care only about his work and spend his entire life single so that after his death, Siggy would inherit the company. His defeat is that when he is trying to kill Jack and Ondine, some of the giants suddenly intervene and scare him away. Much later, according to a headline, because he claimed to be chased by giants, Siggy was sent to an insane asylum.