Simba the kitty-cat
DEBUT 1980

Simba is a domestic cat whom Big Bird auditions for the Bunkam and Ballyhoo Circus when P. T. Bunkum comes to Sesame Street in Episode 1451.

Although Simba is not a wild animal, Big Bird advertises him as such, which confuses Bunkam, who sees before him merely a "kitty-cat". In typical cat fashion, Simba is resistant to obeying commands, despite Big Bird's requests to perform circus tricks.

Simba refuses to jump through a hula hoop or leap over a book, but he harbors one surprising characteristic: this feline possesses the ability to roar like a mighty lion (perhaps the origins of the cat's namesake, as "simba" is the Swahili word for lion).

The puppet used for Simba was later reworked for Rocky in 1986, and can be seen in a number of unnamed appearances with slightly altered features.