Simon Smith & His Dancing Bear
Written by Randy Newman
Date 1967
Source Feelin' Groovy (Harpers Bizarre album)
Publisher Little A Music; Unichappell Music Inc.

"Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear," written by Randy Newman and first recorded by the band Harpers Bizarre, was performed as "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear" in episode 101 of The Muppet Show. All recordings of the Muppets' performance of the song are listed under this alternate title.

When Kermit refuses to change the name of the show from The Muppet Show to The Muppy Show, J.P. Grosse's favorite pet Muppy locks himself in his dressing room and refuses to perform his number with Scooter, "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Dog." Fozzie Bear becomes a last-minute replacement, and the number changes to "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear" instead. Fortunately for all involved, Newman's lyrics (such as "wear," "fair," "stare," and "everywhere") wouldn't have rhymed with "dog" anyway.

Dressed like a ringmaster, a mustachioed Scooter does most of the singing and dancing, while Fozzie, who is being led around the stage on a chain, hams it up all around him. Rowlf accompanies the duo on piano in the background, so it can be presumed that, in the worst case scenario, Scooter could have performed an a capella version of "Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Dog" with him had Fozzie not become available.

The same set would be used for the performance of "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" in episode 102. The reuse of the set might be due to the fact that both episodes were shot as pilots, months before the rest of the first season. This song was also performed by Richard Hunt and Frank Oz at Jim Henson's Memorial.


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