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Music by Nacio Herb Brown
Lyrics by Arthur Freed
Date 1929
Publisher EMI Robbins Catalog Inc.

The Count striking Kelly's famous pose in The Sesame Street Dictionary.

Sam and Friends

Rich Little and Fozzie

Prairie Dawn and Grover filming the scene

Fozzie Bear performing the famous number

Bert striking Gene Kelly's pose

"Singin' in the Rain" was the title song from the MGM movie of the same name, released in 1952. It was a hit, however, from the time it was published in 1929, and has been recorded by numerous artists. It was included in the early Hollywood sound movie "The Hollywood Revue of 1929". Other songs from the movie, which themselves were pulled from the library of other MGM films, performed by the Muppets include "You Are My Lucky Star", "Fit as a Fiddle", and "Make 'Em Laugh" (the only new number created for the film).

For an interview with CNN, when asked what his favorite movie is Kermit answered with Singin' in the Rain. He said that it is, "not just because frogs like rain. It's a perfect movie. Debbie Reynolds reminds me of Piggy when I first met her. (That's meant as a compliment, Ms. Reynolds.) Donald O'Connor is like Fozzie Bear, especially when he sings and dances to "Make 'Em Laugh." And Gene Kelly is just the best. I even got to dance with him to "Singing in the Rain" on The Muppet Show. Gee, now that I talked about it, I want to go watch it again. Got popcorn?"[1]

Sam and Friends

  • One of the surviving episodes of Sam and Friends. A Muppet with a little girl's voice in the rain lip-syncs to a sped-up version of "Singin' in the Rain", which was recorded in 1959 by Edie Adams, with music conducted by Henry Mancini. The scene ends with her drowning in a flood.

The Muppet Show

  • When Gene Kelly guest starred in episode 501, the Muppets tried to get him to perform this as the closing number. He refused to sing it, stating that he realized that he could never do as good of a job as he did when he sang it in the movie. Eventually he gave in and sang it backstage.

Sesame Street

  • In Episode 2068, Oscar and Carlos visit the Museum of Natural Grouch History. One item Carlos uncovers is the busted umbrella used by Gene Crummy in his musical film "Singing in the Slush."
  • Episode 2578 features Oscar and the Grouchketeers conducting an experiment to see if umbrellas cause it to rain, and the Grouchketeers walk around in circles while Oscar "sings in the rain".
  • A sketch where the Count directs Liam Neeson in Transylvania 6-5000 ends with it raining, so the Count changes the title to "Counting in the Rain." The music score played is that of the opening vamp to the titular song.
  • Episode 4173 features a brief reference to the song, where during Oscar's musical number, he dons a top hat and swings around the lamppost in the rain with a broken umbrella as a music cue from "Singin' in the Rain" plays.

Misc. References

  • In a The Muppets comic strip dated November 24, 1981, Fozzie Bear performs the title number from the musical.
  • In The Sesame Street Dictionary, The Count strikes Gene Kelly's famed pose on a street light (here substituted with the Sesame Street sign for the entry "fall," where he counts the raindrops as they fall from the sky.
  • In the book Splish-Splashy Day, Bert strikes Gene Kelly's famed pose, with the Sesame Street sign once again substituting for the movie's street light.


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