Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1983
Format LP
Label WSP
Cat no. WSP 16023

Sint Is Zoek! (Saint Is Lost!) features Tommie, Ieniemienie and actor Frank Groothof in an exciting story based on Saint Nicholas, a Dutch winter holiday. The album was also released on cassette. The material from this album was not featured on the show.

It's a rainy winter day. Tommie and Ieniemienie are looking after Sien's store when Saint Nicholas comes in to ask for their help. He is all wet, and he would like to leave his clothes in the store to dry while he takes a nap. But then his clothes disappear! With his clothes lost, Saint Nicholas doesn't look like himself anymore. It's almost like the Saint is lost as well! Tommie and Ienie try to find out what happened to the lost costume. They decide to put their shoes by the fireplace and wait for one of Saint's helpers. The plan fails, but pretty soon they find out why Frank is acting so funny—he stole the Saint's costume because he wants to be Saint Nicholas. Luckily, the Saint is not mad at him; instead, he gives Frank a job as a substitute Saint, to help him do his chores.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Sketch: Winkeltje Spelen (Playing 'Store')
  2. Song: Hebbe, Hebbe, Hebbe Lied (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Song)
  3. Sketch: Daar Is Sint (There's Saint)
  4. Song: Welkomstlied (Welcome Song)
  5. Sketch: Niks Verklappen (Don't Tell Anybody)
  6. Song: Schoenzetlied (Putting My Shoe by the Fireplace Song)
  7. Sketch: Sint Is Zoek (Saint Is Lost)

Side Two

  1. Sketch: Wat Heb Jij In Je Schoen? (What's in Your Shoe?)
  2. Song: Dank U Wel (Thank You Very Much)
  3. Sketch: Frank Doet Raar (Frank Acts Funny)
  4. Song: Was Ik Maar Eens Een Keer (If Only I Could Be)
  5. Sketch: Sint Is Niet Boos (Saint Is Not Angry)
  6. Song: Sinterklaas Wij Vinden U Zo Mooi (Saint Nicholas We Think You Are So Beautiful)
  7. Sketch: Aan 't Werk (Back to Work)
  8. Song: Een Sinterklaasdag (A Saint Nicholas Day)

Other releases

  • WSPC 16023 (WSP cassette)



Production credits

  • Direction and written by Bert Plagman
  • Musical Direction by Ad Wammes
  • Produced for Vrido by Joop Raasveld


  • Saint Nicholas is kind of like the Dutch Santa Claus: a saint who comes to the Netherlands in November and celebrates his birthday in December, delivering presents to all the good kids.
  • The dialogue and song lyrics were written by Bert Plagman, who performs Tommie.
  • This album was a precursor to the annual Saint Nicholas specials: starting in 1987, the Saint and his helpers visit Sesamstraat in an extra long episode.

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