PERFORMER Helena Smee puppeteer
  Awkwafina voice
DEBUT 2007 (in print)

SkekLach is the Collector of the Skeksis; his Mystic counterpart was UrSen the Monk. He appeared in the 2007 manga series Legends of The Dark Crystal, a prequel to the original film. He also appears in puppet form in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Per his position, SkekLach's job is to capture, living creatures, namely Gelflings.

In Legends of the Dark Crystal, SkekLach is shown in a rivalry with SkekVar the General, as they both desire "SkekSo's" throne. SkekLach begins undermining SkekVar's position by claiming there was a shortage of Gelfling essence, as opposed to SkekVar's claims of there being plenty of essence. SkekVar was punished by being forced to give the Collector his enthusiastic support. SkekLach's plans were thwarted when his latest acquisition led to many Garthim being destroyed in the Battle of Namopo Valley.

Much to SkekSil the Chamberlain's anger, SkekLach remained in SkekSo's favor. The Collector eventually captured Larh, a Gelfling who had invaded the Skeksis' castle to rescue prisoners from Namopo Valley, and made him their spy, attaching furry, tentacled creatures, called Spyeyes, to Larh's body. However, the Chamberlain had already freed the prisoners, disguised as SkekLach. During the Battle of Bah-Lem Valley, SkekSil, accusing SkekLach of treason, challenged him to Trial by Fire. Since SkekLach had previously injected himself with Gelfling essence, the Collector defeated the Chamberlain. With this, SkekLach remained in the Emperor's favor, though he was unaware of both the Spyeyes' destruction and Larh thwarting his plan to make him a spy.

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