The Hunter - Ralph Ineson
PERFORMER Kevin Clash puppeteer
  Ralph Ineson voice
  Nick Kellington body suit performer
DEBUT 2016

SkekMal is the Skeksis' Hunter who was introduced in the novel Shadows of the Dark Crystal, and appears in puppet form in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. His Mystic counterpart is UrVa the Archer, who also appears in Age of Resistance. According to Aughra, "though he considers himself a sportsman, in truth he was nothing more than a brutal hunter."[citation needed] An enigmatic Skeksis with an animal mask concealing his identity, SkekMal is feared by even the other Skeksis. The Gelflings knew little of him (he typically ate his prey), but they do know the legend of "the Hunter", and that no one has ever escaped alive.

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