DEBUT 2007

The General as seen in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

SkekVar is the Skeksis' General, who debuted in the manga Legends of the Dark Crystal, and appeared in puppet form in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

By the time of The Dark Crystal, SkekUng the Garthim Master has assumed the General position, after SkekVar's death.

In The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, SkekVar is puppeteered by Kevin Clash and Katherine Smee, and voiced by Benedict Wong.

In Print

In Legends of the Dark Crystal, SkekVar is shown to have a rivalry with SkekLach, the Skeksis' Collector, who, like SkekVar, secretly desires Emperor SkekSo's throne. The rivalry between them leads to SkekLach undermining SkekVar's position by claiming there was a shortage of Gelfling essence, as opposed to SkekVar's claims of there being plenty of essence. In response, SkekSo orders SkekVar to pledge loyalty to SkekLach, which leaves SkekSil, the Skeksis' Chamberlain, as sole contender for the Emperor's favor.

In the third volume of The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths, set shortly after the split of the UrSkeks, SkekVar is sent as an ambassador of the Skeksis to the Gelflings. With the Great Conjunction having spread chaos across Thra and unleashing Makraks, destructive creatures from Thra's inner world onto the surface, he offers the Gelflings the protection of the Skeksis against the threat if they simply are given arms and supplies. Though war is averted when the Mystics reveal that the Makraks are only lost and confused and simply need to be guided to a new home, the Skeksis still see a positive outcome in that the Gelflings still invited them to their council.

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