DEBUT 1985

Skenfrith in a monster transformination with 2 heads

Skenfrith is a magical creature who changes his appearance and voice based on what others believe him to be. He appears in the Fraggle Rock episode "Believe It or Not," where he's found by Red and Wembley in the Gorgs' garden.

Skenfrith receives his name from Red, who also tells him that he has pigtails and likes to swim, among other things; as she creates this persona for Skenfrith, he promptly adopts her beliefs as his own characteristics. His changes only become a problem when Ma Gorg believes he is a large two-headed monster, and he is forced to comply (the part with Skenfrith growing into a large two-headed monster is an example of Switching walk-around and puppet).

On the bonus features for the Fraggle Rock: Complete Third Season DVDs, Jocelyn Stevenson mentions that the character's name comes from a place in Wales close to where she once lived.

Boober encounters another Skenfrith in the comic "The Fraggle Who Cried Monster".

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