Written by Constance Allen
Illustrator David Prebenna
Published 1991
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Golden Super Shape Book
ISBN 030710026X

Sleep Tight! is a 1991 Sesame Street storybook in which all of the Sesame Street monsters, animals and muppets are getting ready for bed.

Elmo's Daddy tells him its time to leave the park and go home. Little Bird is taking a bath to get ready for bed. The Two-Headed Monster brushes his teeth and combs his hair. Oscar the Grouch reads a bedtime story ("Little Boy Grouch"). Big Bird sings a lullabye to Radar. Herry Monster and Flossie do stretching exercises. Alice Snuffleupagus bounces on her bed while Snuffy looks on. The Count counts sheep. Cowboy Grover says goodnight to his cows. Ernie tucks in the Twiddlebugs with leaf sheets. Hoots the Owl sings a song from the rooftops. At the end of the book, all the monsters and animals on Sesame Street are quiet and asleep.

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