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Sleeping Beauty is also a "leaping beauty."

Bert and Sleeping Beauty

Grundgetta as "Sleeping Grouchy"

Baby Piggy in "Once Upon an Egg Timer."

Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault first published in 1697, but perhaps the most famous interpretation is Walt Disney's 1959 animated film, which borrowed from the Tchaikovsky ballet.

Muppet Characters

  • Prince Charming looks for Sleeping Beauty on Sesame Street in Episode 0627, finding her sleeping in barrels near Big Bird's nest. After blowing her a kiss, she wakes up, annoyed that the prince had found her; She complains about a lack of sleep, due to Prince Charming always finding and kissing her awake.
  • Bert portrays Prince Charming in Episode 3777, who wakes up Sleeping Beauty, but then puts her to sleep again when he starts talking to her about his paper clips. Here, she was performed by Fran Brill.


  • Oscar the Grouch plays the prince in a bedtime story he reads for Irvine in Sesame Street Episode 1779. He must awaken Sleeping Grouchy (played by Grundgetta), but because he's a grouch, he keeps trying to find an alternative to kissing.
  • A portion of Tchaikovsky's score, "Grande valse villageoise" (The Garland Waltz), is quoted when Mr. Noodle swims through the air in Elmo's World: Water.
  • Oscar and Grundgetta reprise the roles in Episode 4143 where they read a parody of the story called "The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy".


  • Carol Kane played the 'Good' Fairy in the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Sleeping Beauty" (1983)
  • Sally Kellerman played both Queen Natasha and Queen Farrah in the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Sleeping Beauty" (1983)
  • Richard Libertini played King Murray in the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Sleeping Beauty" (1983)
  • Bernadette Peters played the Sleeping Beauty/Princess Debbie in the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Sleeping Beauty" (1983)
  • Christopher Reeve played the Prince in the Faerie Tale Theatre episode "Sleeping Beauty" (1983)
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