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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1977
DESIGN Jim Henson designer

Slim Wilson is the guitar player in the Lubbock Lou and his Jughuggers jug-band. He debuted in episode 208 of The Muppet Show and appeared frequently not only as the band's lead singer, but also in duets with Lou.

Although Jim Henson's original sketches for the band labeled him "Jed"[1] and the 1979 album Muppet Show Music Album credits "Henrietta's Wedding" to "Jerry and Lou" as a reference to the performers, Slim was named on screen in episode 322, riding Old Skyball Paint in a rodeo sketch. Although Slim was usually performed by Jerry Nelson, in this sketch, he was performed by Frank Oz.

He also appeared in a sketch with Floyd Pepper and Zoot in episode 413, where he was performed by Jim Henson. And in episode 516, he was performed by Steve Whitmire for the song "Friendship Train." Along with other jug-band members, Slim appeared as a Happiness Hotel resident in The Great Muppet Caper. He also appeared in episode 203 of Muppets Tonight during "The Coffee Song," where he was performed by Brian Henson.

Slim also made a cameo in the first issue of Muppet King Arthur.


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