PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson puppetry
  Dick Maitland voice
DEBUT 1971
Oscar slimey

Slimey with his family (mother Eartha, father Dusty, and sister Sloppy).


WASA astronaut Slimey ventures to the moon.


Slimey in his bed, waiting for a Trash Gordon story.


Slimey and Oscar appearing in the video game, Once Upon a Monster.

Slimey embiggened

Slimey learns some magic in Episode 2192.

Slimey is Oscar the Grouch's pet worm. Originally, Slimey was a silent character who communicated with squeaks and gestures. In later years, he developed a voice, provided by Dick Maitland (which is digitally manipulated in post-production to achieve a higher pitch). Slimey shows skill at playing the tuba and the clarinet, and has the distinction of being the first worm on the moon.

Slimey was first introduced in Episode 0202, where Oscar tells his Sesame Street neighbors about finding him in the mud and he feeds him several strawberry sodas from Hooper's Store. The story was later retold in Episode 2912 when Oscar reminisces on the event of Slimey's first day of school.

Other early appearances include Episode 0262, where Slimey enters himself in the Sesame Street Pet Show, and Episode 0335, where Oscar accidentally locks himself out of his trash can. Tom suggests that he saw the lock off, but that would ruin the new lock. Luis offers to pry off the lid with his crowbar, but that would dent the lid. Oscar is saved when Slimey slithers the key out through the crack between the can and the lid.

A study done in 1971 by Children's Television Workshop's research department reviewed children's responses to this episode, and specifically noted that the children "were attentive, responsive, and loved Slimy, the worm." [sic][1]

Slimey's family includes his baby sister Sloppy, his parents Dusty and Eartha, and cousins Squirmy and Rachel. Sloppy is referred to as Stella in a 1985 episode. In a 2008 episode, Slimey got a pet bug named Dirty.

Slimey enjoys having chapters of "Trash Gordon" read to him before he goes to bed at night. He loves all kinds of books.[2]

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