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Big Bird snowman arbor SSmag Dec75.jpg

"Snow on Sesame Street" is a Sesame Street story arc that took place over three episodes during the second half of the show's third season in 1972.

The two episodes featuring a snow-covered Sesame Street were both taped on January 18, 1972, and mark the first time in the show's history that the set had been dressed for snow. This practice would later been seen in multi-episode arcs in later seasons as well as holiday-themed specials.


Picture Description
0368 snowfall.jpg
Episode 0368

Bookmarking a plot in which a Muppet boy named Freddy tries to help Rafael in the Fix-It Shop, residents of Sesame Street spend the day preparing for the oncoming snow. Susan observes the drop in temperature from her open window, Rafael seeks out some warm winter gear, and Mr. Hooper weatherizes his store. As the wind picks up throughout the day, the adults play some games about winter activities with the kids and discuss how people and animals keep warm. Just as Freddy and the kids have gathered around the Fix-It Shop where Rafael is sharpening their ice skate blades, snow begins to fall.

Big Bird shovel snow SSmag Feb76.jpg
Episode 0369

With freshly-fallen snow on Sesame Street, everyone is engaged in appropriate activities: Gordon helps Molly ride on a sled for the first time in years, Tom sprinkles sawdust on the floor of Hooper's Store to avoid anyone slipping, and Oscar the Grouch fantasizes about what would happen if he threw snow down someone's neck, but abandons the idea when he imagines everyone throwing snow at him. When Big Bird offers to shovel the sidewalk, he annoys Luis and Tom with his piling the snow in front of their businesses. Once he's got both storefronts shoveled, the men come out to inspect the work and close their awnings... dropping more snow on the cleared sidewalk.

0370 BB Snuffy snowman.jpg
Episode 0370

Mr. Snuffleupagus attempts to communicate with a snowman that everyone has built in the yard, but decides it's not very friendly when it won't talk back. Assuming the rest of Big Bird's friends are just as rude, Snuffy shuffles off before he can meet them. Upon Big Bird's return to the yard, Snuffy is gone, but points his friends to a set of footprints as proof that he was there. Elsewhere, Oscar accuses Luis of filling his hat with snow, but upon learning that it filled up itself with snowflakes fallen from above, Oscar begins throwing snowballs at the clouds.