"Snow on Sesame Street" is a Sesame Street story arc that took place over several episodes in Season 7 (1976).

One of the show's several groupings of winter weather episodes in the early seasons focuses not on a specific narrative, but rather the theme of snow and the oncoming cold climate. Taped in September of 1975, the Sesame Street set was dressed in fake snow while the cast's wardrobe shifted primarily to heavy coats, boots, and other warm attire. The Street scenes in these episodes all revolve around how the cast of characters deal with the harsh temperatures of a freezing climate.

The street scenes from four of the episodes were later repeated in season 9. Seven episodes began streaming on HBO Max in December of 2020, preceding the onset of winter in the northern United States where the service is available.


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0833 07a.jpg
Episode 0833

The impending arrival of snowfall is discovered much in the same way it has through most of the 20th century: via meteorological forecast. To prepare, Luis and David attempt to procure their shovels, end up accusing one another of taking the other's, and wind up with their tail between their legs when they learn that the shovel they've been fighting over has Maria's name on it: she let them borrow it last year, and neither one returned it. Big Bird prepares in another way: first by making a wooden snowflake, and then by making one from paper as a more accurate (albeit larger) facsimile. Just as he's showing off his manufactured snowflakes, snow begins to fall on Sesame Street.

0834 02a.jpg
Episode 0834

Big Bird wakes up with his his nest entirely covered in snow, but he can't find any of the gear he'd lain out to deal with it from the previous night. Later, he tells David that he'll gather the kids to take care of snow removal around Hooper's Store, but without any shovels, they have to use cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, Oscar the Grouch deals with crisis after crisis when his attempts to make the walkway in front of his trash can more miserable, instead have the effect of being helpful to everyone.

0835 01.jpg
Episode 0835

A fresh coat of snow has fallen in Big Bird's nest making him wonder how he got to bed last night without leaving any footprints. When Bob tries to explain by filling in some new footprints with snow, Big Bird assumes he did this all night for every footprint on Sesame Street. Later, Big Bird imitates the sound of snow and takes a fall when walking in it with his eyes closed, and Susan plays a sorting game with pictures of items that are used in or for the snow.

0836 04.jpg
Episode 0836

Working from a book called "World's Great Snowmen", Big Bird shows Maria a snowman he's built upside-down. Maria tries to correct him at first, but Big Bird insists that's how it looks in his book... which has been held upside-down. Meanwhile, an Anything Muppet has solicited his services for snow removal in a flyer, and responds to the residents of Sesame Street upon their call. Unfortunately for the AM, everyone wants their space shovelled first, frustrating the AM to the point where he catches Oscar's attention. Oscar's captivation with the AM's grouchiness corners him into helping the AM, which in turn frustrates Oscar.

0837 04a.jpg
Episode 0837

Snow has freshly fallen again, and Count von Count can't count the footprints until he recruits Bob to walk back and forth for him in the snow a few times. Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus argue over build a snow angel or a snow snuffleupagus, but eventually decide to just build a snowman. Meanwhile, Biff and Sully search for a manhole cover to check for freezing pipes, and Maria finds solace in writing notes with Luis as someone else who misses speaking Spanish and being in a warmer climate.

0838 03.jpg
Episode 0838

Snow is falling in the yard as Snuffy and Big Bird put together a winter pageant: Big Bird recites a poem about the snow, and Snuffy plays a giant snowflake. Later, Big Bird helps the Count warm up by jumping for him so he can count the jumps, and literally warms up Susan's Volkswagen by wrapping it in blankets.

0839 03.jpg
Episode 0839

The snow has stopped, but it's still so cold that everything is frozen including the sidewalk in front of 123 Sesame Street. Big Bird and Snuffy use the space to slide on, but when Snuffy keeps slipping, they decide it best that he just slide on his tummy. The Amazing Mumford casts a spell to remove snow from the sidewalk, but ends up relocating it inside Hooper's Store instead, Sam the Robot freezes solid in the yard, Biff and Sully use a snowblower, and Maria obliviously walks through a snowball fight.

Episode 0840

Maria stands alone on Sesame Street and sings "Snow", a song she'd previously performed with Luis in Episode 0596.

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