Concept art by Caroly Wilcox

For Sesame Street's tenth season in 1978, the creative staff began developing ideas for new characters to add to the show. Some characters, such as Barkley and the Two-Headed Monster, would be developed into recurring characters. Other ideas, such as the landlady of Bert and Ernie, failed to make it beyond the initial pitch meetings.

One such character to fall to the wayside was a new Snuffleupagus character, identified in concept art as "Snuff's Baby Brother." Unlike his big brother, Mr. Snuffleupagus, he would only have two legs, an apparent trait of young in their species. It is unknown how his presence would've affected the dynamic of the grown-ups believing Big Bird is making up the existence of Snuffy.

Although the idea was dropped, nearly a decade later, the idea of giving Snuffy a younger sibling was revived. Alice Snuffleupagus, a younger sister for Snuffy, was introduced in 1987. Unlike the initial pitch, Alice was a quadruped like all other Snuffleupaguses.