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A typically dramatic moment from "Veterinarian's Hospital".

From a Muppet comic strip by Guy and Brad Gilchrist.

"As the World Takes Turns" on Sesame Street

"The Young and the Vestless" on Sesame Street

"All My Oofniks" on Shalom Sesame

A soap opera is an ongoing, serialized work of fiction, usually broadcast on television or radio. The term originated during the radio era in the 1930s, derived from the fact that soap manufacturer Procter & Gamble was the most prominent early sponsor of such programs. Trademarks from the early days of soaps include overwrought emotional outbursts, dramatic organ music, and a somber-voiced announcer posing questions about the storyline. The Muppets have spoofed this format many times.


Sesame Street

Daytime Emmys

The Muppets have often hobnobbed with soap opera stars at the Daytime Emmy Awards, where children's shows like Sesame Street and soap operas are both honored.


Many actors who have played regular or featured character roles in Muppet/Henson productions have also appeared on soap operas.

  • John Baddeley played Douglas Preston on Coronation Street (1967) and PC Colin Drury on The Archers
  • Paul Benedict played Mr. Pratt on The Guiding Light (1999)
  • Jason Bernard played Preston Wade on Days of Our Lives (1982)
  • Troy Byer played characters on Knots Landing and Dynasty
  • Larry Block played Mickey on The Secret Storm (1971) and Cal Jamison on General Hospital (1978)
  • Linda Bove played Melissa Hayley Weldon on Search for Tomorrow (1973)
  • Fran Brill played Beverly on Guiding Light (1997)
  • Ruth Buzzi played Leticia Bradford on Days of our Lives (1983) and Nurse Kravitz on Passions (2003)
  • Desiree Casado appeared in a bar scene on One Life to Live (2006)
  • Rosalind Cash played Mary Mae Ward on General Hospital (1994-1995)
  • Barbara Dana played Lucy Colman on The Nurses (1963)
  • Emilio Delgado played Paul on Falcon Crest (1982)
  • Charles Durning played Police Chief McGowan on Another World (1972)
  • Paul Goddard played Stephen on Coronation Street (1995-1996)
  • Mark Hamill played Kent Murray on General Hospital (1972-1973)
  • Michael Jeter played Arnie Gallo on Another World (1988)
  • Raúl Juliá played Miguel Garcia on Love of Life (1969)
  • Will Lee played Grandpa Will Hughes on As the World Turns (1956)
  • Paul Leyden played Simon Frazier on As the World Turns (2002-2007)
  • John Bedford Lloyd played Warren Dunn on All My Children (2001)
  • Susan Lucci plays Erica Kane on All My Children (1970-present)
  • William H. Macy played Frank Fisk on Another World (1982)
  • Belinda Montgomery played Jennifer on Dynasty (1982) and Sylvie Gallagher on Days of Our Lives (1986-1987)
  • Alan Muraoka played Mr. Pravat, a Thai bartender, on One Life to Live (2006)
  • Roscoe Orman played Tyrone on All My Children (1976)
  • Stuart Pankin played Jace Sampson on Falcon Crest (1989-1990) and Benny Appleman on Knots Landing (1991)
  • Joe Ponazecki played Dr. David Thornton on Another World (1960s), Reilly on The Secret Storm (1973), Lt. Wyatt on The Guiding Light (1977-1994), and a minister on All My Children (1991, 1993)
  • Richard Roundtree played Oliver Travers on As the World Turns (2002-2003)
  • Florence Stanley played Mrs. Reynolds on The Nurses (1965) and the sobbing voice of Josette on Dark Shadows (1966-1967)
  • Jessica Walter played Eleanor Armitage on One Life to Live (1996)
  • Louis Zorich played Milo Simonelli on Another World (1982)
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