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Written by Juventino Rosas
Date 1888
Publisher Rosas

"Sobre las Olas" ("Over the Waves") is a waltz composed by Juventino Rosas. It is commonly heard as circus or funfair music, usually played by an organ grinder.

Ernie sings the tune as part of a melody on the 1982 album Sesame Street Sing-Along! The lyrics consist entirely of "George Washington Bridge" repeated over and over again, much to Bert's annoyance. This version was later performed by Forgetful Jones in Episode 1808.

Thog also dances to the music in episode 110 of The Muppet Show. The tune also accompanies Fozzie Bear's rollerskating act in episode 215. A longer version of the music is heard over the same act on The Muppet Show 2.

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