Sofia the First is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The show follows the adventures of Sofia as she becomes a princess when her mother, Miranda, marries King Roland II of Enchancia. King Roland presents Sofia with a magical amulet, which gives her the power to talk to animals and summon Disney princesses in the time of need.

Characters from Sofia the First crossed over with Muppet Babies and other Disney Junior characters in the Disney Junior Music: Nursery Rhymes video "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"; Sofia swings under a moon that Baby Kermit sits on as he plays the banjo.


  • Promoting Muppet Moments, a behind the scene video (VIDEO) showcases the Muppets auditioning for Disney Junior programs. Miss Piggy auditions for Sofia and says “With each deed performed, for better or worse, a power is granted, a blessing or curse.” based on Cedric's spellbook about the Amulet of Avalor.


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