Digit (left) and Beard (right) with Animal and Zoot (center)

Solid Foam was the band from the MuppeTelevision segments of The Jim Henson Hour, consisting of Beard on guitar, Flash on saxophone, Clifford on bass, Digit on keyboards and an unnamed female drummer. When performing with Smokey Robinson in episode 7, Kermit referred to them as "the house band." This was redubbed to "Solid Foam" before the episode aired.

In the episode "Food," Zoot or Animal sit in with the band. Additionally, Dr. Teeth can occasionally be seen in the background of their music videos, suggesting that perhaps he is their producer.

The name of the band appears to parody the syndicated music TV series Solid Gold, and a reference to the latex foam used in Muppet construction.

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Songs Where Solid Foam Play Back-up

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