PERFORMER Bruce Lanoil face
  Jack Tate body
  Michael Dorn voice
DEBUT 1991

Solomon the Great is said to be the wisest Dinosaur of them all. He appeared in the Dinosaurs episode "Switched at Birth", as a way to settle the custody of Baby Sinclair and Aubrey Molehill once and for all. Initially, he wore a robe, looking as if he was going to perform some ancient ritual, but he removed his robe and appeared in magician attire. His plan on settling custody of the babies was to cut them in two halves and give one half to each group of parents.

Earl Sinclair decided that he really wanted Baby back, but the young dinosaur was cut in half anyway. Shortly thereafter, Gus Molehill came to his senses and decided that he'd rather have Aubrey than half a kid, and gave Earl his half of Baby, whereupon Baby was magically restored. For his grand finale, Solomon got the scientist from Absolute Proof Laboratories to reveal that there was a mix-up in the lab, and the babies had the correct parents after all.

Solomon had an assistant named Ramona.

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