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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1970
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.
Green Fox Music Inc.
First Episode 0047

"Somebody Come and Play" is a Sesame Street song that originally appeared in the show's first season, sung by its composer Joe Raposo. It was then recorded for The Sesame Street Book & Record by The Kids, and has been remade multiple times on the show. The singer implores for a friend to play and have fun with before the day's end.

Raposo's wife, Pat Collins, stated that the song was inspired directly from his youth as an only child. Collins said she sees it “not as a song of regret or self-pity, but a song about an only child looking to toss the ball around before the sun goes down. It's about begging for pals to hang out with, kind of saying 'If this day goes by, maybe we won't have another quite like it.'”[1]


Joe Raposo sings the song over a film of orangutans in the zoo. (First: Episode 0047)
Sung by The Kids.
Big Bird sings the song as he roams Sesame Street looking for his friends, who appear in the arbor and invite him to play. (First: Episode 0703) This version has been released on albums with added backing vocals by The Kids.
The original Joe Raposo recording plays over footage of snow leopards playing in winter. (First: Episode 2519)
Mr. Snuffleupagus sings the song in Episode 3401. This version was reused as an insert.
Suzie Kabloozie sings after her cat Feff escapes her clutches and runs off. (First: Episode 3786)
Ernie performs the song in an insert where he arrives, ready to play, to a deserted playground. As he sings, he is gradually joined by several woodland animals. (First: Episode 3822)
Elmo encourages Whoopi Goldberg to "play" a musical instrument with him, and they perform a special version of "Somebody Come and Play." (First: Episode 3971)
A re-written version of the song is used as the theme for Play with Me Sesame, sung by hosts Ernie, Bert, Grover and Prairie Dawn.
Elmo sings the song in Episode 4046 as he searches for Rosita. The two perform a slow, sad reprise when they give up looking for each other, and then, they sing another verse when they reunite.
Abby Cadabby sang the song for an appearance on A Capitol Fourth in 2009.
A new version of the song debuted in Season 42, featuring the kids of the PS22 chorus singing and playing with large, red balls. (First: Episode 4267)
The Sesame Street cast sang the song with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots at the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, performed in the style of Fallon's "Classroom Instruments" segments.
Mando sang the song at The White House Easter Egg Roll in 2014.
The song was featured in various Sesame Street Live shows, such as Around the World (performed by Prairie Dawn) and Super Grover! Ready for Action.
A brief instrumental of the tune underscores the title card for Elmo's Playdate. Louie is heard singing a bit of the song to himself immediately afterward.
Ji-Young Best Friends Band.png
A portion of the song is played by the Best Friends Band (Elmo, Abby, Tamir, and Ji-Young) ((YouTube)).



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