Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House
Released 1998
Format CD
Label Walt Disney Records
Cat no. 60640-7

Songs from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House contains original songs from the TV show.

Track listing

  1. Welcome to the Blue House - Cast
    Bill Obrecht and Peter Lurye
  2. What's That Smell? - Bear
    Steve Charney
  3. The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha - Bear, with Cast
    Peter Lurye
  4. Dear Grandma - Tutter, with Bear
    Peter Lurye and Brian Woodbury
  5. Happy, Happy Birthday - Cast
    David Yazbek
  6. Good Morning - Ray and Bear
    Peter Lurye
  7. Brush Brush Bree - Cast
    Brian Woodbury
  8. Look at You Now - Bear and Treelo
    Brian Woodbury
  9. That's My Name - Cast
    David Yazbek and Peter Lurye
  10. Everybody Say Ah - Cast
    Peter Lurye and Brian Woodbury
  11. Great to Be at Home - Bear
    Billy Cobin
  12. Go to Bed, Sleepy Head - Bear, with Ojo
    Mitchell Kriegman and Peter Lurye
  13. Take Time to Smell the Cheese - Tutter and Bear
    Peter Lurye and Brian Woodbury
  14. Clean Up the House - Cast
    Peter Lurye
  15. Oops! I Goofed Again - Bear
    Robert Cole and Deena Cole
  16. Quiet Time - Bear, with Tutter
    Peter Lurye
  17. Otter Love - Pip and Pop, with Bear
    Tyler Bunch
  18. Shape of a Bear - Bear
    Brian Woodbury
  19. Baby, Baby - Bear and Tutter
    David Yazbek
  20. When You Make Yourself a Friend - Cast
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  21. Oh, Boy - Bear, with Cast
    Brian Woodbury
  22. You Go, Ojo - Ojo and Bear
    Brian Woodbury and Peter Lurye
  23. Need a Little Help Today - Bear, Tutter, Pip and Pop
    Peter Lurye
  24. Goodbye Song - Bear and Luna
    Peter Lurye

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