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PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1978
DESIGN Michael Frith designer
  Caroly Wilcox builder
Sopwith camel concept

Concept sketch by Frith.

Sopwith the Camel is a seven-foot tall[1] Muppet Bactrian camel who, together with Helen Reddy, danced to "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" for the closing number on episode 313 of The Muppet Show.

It also appeared in the background of episode 410 ("Before we start drilling, where should we park the camels?"), in the "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac" finale of episode 413, and later in episode 518 where she was referred to as "Loretta."

Sopwith appears in a deleted scene from The Muppet Movie, ridden by Statler and Waldorf, and then later in the "Rainbow Connection" finale.

In The Muppets Go to the Movies, Sopwith has a small background role during Rowlf the Dog's silent movie presentation spoofing The Sheik with Kermit the Frog and Mulch.

Muppet builder Caroly Wilcox took two weeks to build the Sopwith puppet.[1] It was performed by two dancers, standing up in the costume with their legs acting as the camel's. The front dancer used his arms to control the head.

Sopwith made illustrated appearances in The Muppet Show Board Game of the Stars and The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion.

The name is a reference to a WWI aircraft, the Sopwith Camel.

Since 2015, the Sopwith puppet is on display at the Center for Puppetry Arts as part of their permanent Worlds of Puppetry exhibit.


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