PERFORMER Peter Cullen
DEBUT 1986

Sor-Elbow is Gonzo's father, as seen in Baby Gonzo's Superman-inspired account of his origins from the Muppet Babies episode "Fozzie's Family Tree".

Gonzo describes Sor-Elbow (after Superman's father Jor-El) as a brilliant scientist, and the planet Crouton's weirdest resident. He arrives home one day to inform this wife Weirda that their planet is in the process of becoming normal.

With the surrounding architecture being transformed around them, Sor-Elbow makes adjustments to a launch pad which he and his wife use to launch their son away from the home before he begins to lose his own weirdness.

Sor-Elbow's attire consists of a blue tunic with an S on his chest, no pants, and simple sandals.

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