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01:23, October 31, 2006Living Spaghetti.JPG (file)40 KBDeanmo19 ("Sjtay spogattu on der dishy-dishy!")
01:21, October 31, 2006MsHorne.jpg (file)32 KBDeanmo19 ("The wrong Miss Horne.")
00:41, October 15, 2006Yellow Thing.jpg (file)20 KBDeanmo19 (Unnamed Yellow Creature)
14:51, September 17, 20061812 Overture.JPG (file)29 KBDeanmo19 (1812 Overture)
14:49, September 17, 2006Sax & Violence.JPG (file)31 KBDeanmo19 (Sax & Violence)
14:48, September 17, 2006Lydia the Tattooed Lady.JPG (file)42 KBDeanmo19 (Lydia the Tattooed Lady)
14:47, September 17, 2006Solace.JPG (file)16 KBDeanmo19 (Solace )
14:45, September 17, 2006Flight of the Bumblebee.JPG (file)25 KBDeanmo19 (Gonzo eating a tire to "Flight of the Bumblebee")
19:57, September 3, 2006Humpty Dumpty.JPG (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (Humpty Dumpty)
19:54, September 3, 2006Jabberwock.JPG (file)14 KBDeanmo19 ("Can I just go put on my body and go home?")
02:00, September 3, 2006Wander.JPG (file)21 KBDeanmo19 (Wander McMooch, as seen in Fraggle Rock)
00:50, September 3, 2006Tosh Fraggle.JPG (file)10 KBDeanmo19 (Tosh Fraggle)
00:48, September 3, 2006The Beast.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (The Beast)
23:01, September 2, 20067-Words-Max.JPG (file)8 KBDeanmo19 (7-Words-Max)
22:47, September 2, 2006Wizard.JPG (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (The Wizard)
22:45, September 2, 2006Poison Cackler.JPG (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (Poison Cackler)
16:46, August 29, 2006Zippity.jpg (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (Zippity)
16:41, August 29, 2006The Elves.jpg (file)27 KBDeanmo19 (Zippity, Skippity, Hoppity, Bing and Bong.)
02:05, July 31, 2006Unknown Muppet 2.jpg (file)72 KBDeanmo19 (Unknown Muppet 2)
13:58, July 23, 2006Blue Spider.jpg (file)124 KBDeanmo19 (Blue Spider)
00:54, July 23, 2006Perezgil.jpg (file)186 KBDeanmo19 (Perezgil)
00:24, July 17, 2006Unknown Muppet.jpg (file)72 KBDeanmo19 (Who is this Muppet?)
21:37, July 16, 2006Peter Ustinov.JPG (file)33 KBDeanmo19 (Peter Ustinov)
21:29, July 16, 2006Robot Politician.JPG (file)38 KBDeanmo19 (Robot Politician)
02:53, July 11, 2006Pencils.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (A Group of Pencils)
02:47, July 11, 2006Leafy Green Vegetables.JPG (file)21 KBDeanmo19 (Leafy Green Vegetables)
16:08, July 1, 2006Season 5 Opening.JPG (file)38 KBDeanmo19 
16:45, June 24, 2006Children Whatnots.JPG (file)10 KBDeanmo19 (Children Whatnots)
16:41, June 24, 2006Animal's Dancing Partner.JPG (file)17 KBDeanmo19 (Animal's Dancing Partner)
16:59, June 18, 2006All-Purpose Tenderizer.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Bunsen and his All-Purpose Tenderizer.)
22:25, April 30, 2006Dennis Monster.JPG (file)20 KBDeanmo19 (Dennis Monster with Pferd and Wolle.)
22:21, April 30, 2006Grouch2.JPG (file)23 KBDeanmo19 (Grouchella with Tiffy and Feli Felu.)
16:11, April 24, 2006Business Business.JPG (file)10 KBDeanmo19 (Blue and Green "Business Buisness" Monsters)
17:52, April 23, 2006The Glutton.JPG (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (The Glutton)
17:36, April 23, 2006Octopus.JPG (file)17 KBDeanmo19 (Octopus)
12:52, April 17, 2006Janice 2.JPG (file)12 KBDeanmo19 (Janice, as seen in later episodes of The Muppet Show's first season.)
11:33, April 17, 2006Janice Season 1.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (Janice was performed by Fran Brill in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, and by Eren Ozker in Season 1 of The Muppet Show.)
14:17, April 10, 2006Sandy Duncan.JPG (file)51 KBDeanmo19 (Sandy Duncan)
13:26, April 9, 2006Boppity 2.JPG (file)11 KBDeanmo19 (He was reconstructed for later Season 1 episodes of The Muppet Show.)
01:38, March 26, 2006Waldorf and Statler.JPG (file)30 KBDeanmo19 (Statler & Waldorf in The Muppet Show: Sex & Violence)
10:41, March 21, 2006Svengali's Assistant.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (Svengali's Assistant)
10:40, March 21, 2006Svengali.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (Svengali)
17:13, March 19, 2006Ain't Misbehavin'.JPG (file)32 KBDeanmo19 (Ain't Misbehavin')
00:21, March 10, 2006Wedding Doors.JPG (file)28 KBDeanmo19 (Various Muppet Characters (including Whaddayasay Bird and Forcryingoutloud Bird) watching the doors open during the wedding scene of The Muppets Take Manhattan.)
02:02, March 4, 2006At the Dance (s&v).JPG (file)27 KBDeanmo19 (Kermit and a female whatnot in a Sex & Violence installment of At The Dance.)
17:59, February 26, 2006The Electric Mayhem.JPG (file)36 KBDeanmo19 (The Electric Mayhem, as seen in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence)
02:25, February 10, 2006Comedy Tonight.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Comedy Tonight)
02:24, January 27, 2006Avery Schreiber.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Avery Schreiber and some Muppet creatures from "Scat Song".)
02:17, January 27, 2006Gloat Season 1.JPG (file)14 KBDeanmo19 (Gloat, as seen in Season 1 of The Muppet Show.)
16:19, January 22, 2006Baby Tree Creature.JPG (file)12 KBDeanmo19 (Baby Tree Creature)

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