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03:08, December 17, 2005Juliet.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Juliet Prowse and a fur stole)
12:46, December 17, 2005Joel.JPG (file)31 KBDeanmo19 (Joel Grey, Gonzo and a banana.)
12:49, December 17, 2005Jim.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Jim Nabors and Animal)
12:50, December 17, 2005Florence.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Florence Henderson and Sweetums)
12:52, December 17, 2005Paul.JPG (file)31 KBDeanmo19 (Paul Williams and the Muppet Monsters)
12:54, December 17, 2005Harvey.JPG (file)20 KBDeanmo19 (Harvey Korman and Muppy)
12:55, December 17, 2005Lena.JPG (file)20 KBDeanmo19 (Lena Horne and Animal)
12:57, December 17, 2005Ben.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Ben Vereen, Hilda, and Crazy Harry)
12:59, December 17, 2005Phyllis.JPG (file)28 KBDeanmo19 (Phyllis Diller and Gonzo)
13:01, December 17, 2005Vincent.JPG (file)33 KBDeanmo19 (Vincent Price and Sweetums)
13:02, December 17, 2005Ethel.JPG (file)20 KBDeanmo19 (Ethel Merman and Animal)
21:30, December 17, 2005Conniestevens01.jpg (file)33 KBDeanmo19 (Connie Stevens Muppet with Kermit and Connie Stevens)
21:34, December 17, 2005Julietprowse01.jpg (file)28 KBDeanmo19 (Juliet Prowse Muppet with Kermit and Juliet Prowse)
21:36, December 17, 2005Paulwilliams01.jpg (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Paul Williams Muppets)
01:22, December 18, 2005Lydia the Tattooed Pig.JPG (file)25 KBDeanmo19 (Lydia the Tattooed Pig)
03:49, December 18, 2005Beautiful Day Monster.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Beautiful Day Monster)
03:50, December 18, 2005Snerfs.JPG (file)14 KBDeanmo19 (The Snerfs)
21:27, December 20, 2005Blustering Bellowpane Monster.JPG (file)9 KBDeanmo19 (Blustering Bellowpane Monster)
22:05, December 21, 2005Vincent Price.JPG (file)33 KBDeanmo19 (Vincent Price and Muppet Monsters from "You've Got a Friend".)
22:37, December 21, 2005Large Marvin Fraggle.JPG (file)13 KBDeanmo19 (Large Marvin Fraggle)
22:43, December 21, 2005Convincing John.JPG (file)25 KBDeanmo19 (Convincing John)
01:46, December 22, 2005Ctwcard01.jpg (file)36 KBDeanmo19 (Ernie and Bert with CTW logo.)
23:55, December 22, 2005Joel Grey.JPG (file)26 KBDeanmo19 (Joel Grey with Dr. Teeth and Gloat)
23:59, December 22, 2005Juliet Prowse.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Juliet Prowse and a fur stole)
00:12, December 23, 2005Paul Williams.JPG (file)38 KBDeanmo19 (Paul Williams and Beautiful Day Monster)
15:31, December 27, 2005San Francisco Earthquake.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (San Francisco Earthquake)
23:59, December 29, 2005Country Trio.JPG (file)31 KBDeanmo19 (Country Trio)
00:44, December 30, 2005Muppet Glee Club.JPG (file)33 KBDeanmo19 (Muppet Glee Club with Kermit)
01:16, December 30, 2005Fozzie Season 1.JPG (file)24 KBDeanmo19 (Fozzie, as seen in Season 1.)
18:10, January 1, 2006Talking Houses.JPG (file)27 KBDeanmo19 (Talking Houses)
18:12, January 1, 2006Marvin Suggs & His Muppaphone.JPG (file)21 KBDeanmo19 (Marvin Suggs and his Muppaphone)
03:44, January 8, 2006Bears.JPG (file)40 KBDeanmo19 (Bears)
02:30, January 21, 2006Gone With The Wind.JPG (file)8 KBDeanmo19 (Gone With The Wind)
02:32, January 21, 2006Danceros.JPG (file)4 KBDeanmo19 (Danceros)
02:40, January 21, 2006You've Got a Friend.JPG (file)11 KBDeanmo19 (You've Got a Friend)
13:45, January 21, 2006Newsman Season 1.JPG (file)9 KBDeanmo19 (News Flash, as seen in Episode 103: Joel Grey)
16:13, January 22, 2006Mama Tree Creature.JPG (file)7 KBDeanmo19 (Mama Tree Creature)
16:15, January 22, 2006Papa Tree Creature.JPG (file)11 KBDeanmo19 (Papa Tree Creature)
16:19, January 22, 2006Baby Tree Creature.JPG (file)12 KBDeanmo19 (Baby Tree Creature)
02:17, January 27, 2006Gloat Season 1.JPG (file)14 KBDeanmo19 (Gloat, as seen in Season 1 of The Muppet Show.)
02:24, January 27, 2006Avery Schreiber.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Avery Schreiber and some Muppet creatures from "Scat Song".)
02:25, February 10, 2006Comedy Tonight.JPG (file)35 KBDeanmo19 (Comedy Tonight)
17:59, February 26, 2006The Electric Mayhem.JPG (file)36 KBDeanmo19 (The Electric Mayhem, as seen in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence)
02:02, March 4, 2006At the Dance (s&v).JPG (file)27 KBDeanmo19 (Kermit and a female whatnot in a Sex & Violence installment of At The Dance.)
00:21, March 10, 2006Wedding Doors.JPG (file)28 KBDeanmo19 (Various Muppet Characters (including Whaddayasay Bird and Forcryingoutloud Bird) watching the doors open during the wedding scene of The Muppets Take Manhattan.)
17:13, March 19, 2006Ain't Misbehavin'.JPG (file)32 KBDeanmo19 (Ain't Misbehavin')
10:40, March 21, 2006Svengali.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (Svengali)
10:41, March 21, 2006Svengali's Assistant.JPG (file)15 KBDeanmo19 (Svengali's Assistant)
01:38, March 26, 2006Waldorf and Statler.JPG (file)30 KBDeanmo19 (Statler & Waldorf in The Muppet Show: Sex & Violence)
13:26, April 9, 2006Boppity 2.JPG (file)11 KBDeanmo19 (He was reconstructed for later Season 1 episodes of The Muppet Show.)

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