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16:45, October 11, 2019Big Block Party - Monster Muffin Pizzas.jpg (file)109 KBProfessorTofty (Cookie Monster consuming ingredients for "Monster Muffin Pizzas" in the picture book ''Big Block Party!'')
21:25, April 6, 2019Circle of Friends A Julia Storybook.jpg (file)91 KBProfessorTofty (Cover of ''Circle of Friends: A Julia Storybook'')
15:52, April 6, 2019Family Forever Barnes.jpg (file)72 KBProfessorTofty (Barnes and Noble exclusive edition of ''Family Forever: A Julia Storybook'')
03:55, February 15, 2019Bear in the Big Blue House - Juner and Baby Blotter.jpg (file)114 KBProfessorTofty (Juner and Baby Blotter as seen in ''Bear in the Big Blue House'' - "Episode 317: The Tutter Family Reunion")
22:50, March 22, 2013TV Guide - October 25-31, 1997.jpg (file)1.48 MBProfessorTofty (Cover of ''TV Guide'' magazine, October 25-31, 1997)
03:32, December 13, 2012Abby, Mommy and Daddy.jpg (file)124 KBProfessorTofty (Drawing of Abby Cadabby with her mommy)
19:42, November 8, 2012Pajanimals Nap Mat.jpg (file)98 KBProfessorTofty (Pajanimals nap mat)
19:41, November 8, 2012Pajanimals Plush Toys.jpg (file)371 KBProfessorTofty (Plush Pajanimals] toys)
15:56, November 8, 2012Pajanimals Playdate.jpg (file)65 KBProfessorTofty (Cover of the ''Pajanimals'' DVD ''Pajanimals Play Date'')
15:54, November 8, 2012Meet the Pajanimals.jpg (file)89 KBProfessorTofty (The ''[[Pajanimals]'' DVD ''Meet the Pajanimals'')

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