During the first season of Sesame Street, several animated inserts were produced called Speech Balloon[1], in which a character says a letter and a word that begins with that letter. The word appears in a word balloon, accompanied by an image.
As part of the show's bilingual project, certain segments also aired on Sesame Street in Spanish.


Picture Segment EKA Description
A - Ape
Episode 0006
Included in This Way to Sesame Street.
An ape appears with a menacing expression. Later, the ape wears a wig and plays "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"' on his ukulele. In later broadcasts sound effects and music have been added,which weren't in the orignal.
B - Bug
A woman sprays an insect, which fights back with a cannon.
B - Butterfly
Episode 2123
C- Cap
C - Cap
Episode 1707 A man puts on an oversized cap.
C - Carrot
Cat toon2
C - Cat
Episode 0029
D - Dog
Sesame Street Test Show 1 The roles between dog and master are reversed.
E - Egg
Episode 0002
Included in This Way to Sesame Street.
A cow hatches a chick, which says, "Moo."
E - End
Episode 2228
F - Fly
Gorilla toon2
G - Gorilla
Episode 0085
Included in Learning About Letters.
A man appears instead of a gorilla, but then he unzips his costume, revealing himself to be a gorilla, which growls.
H - Hole
Episode 0080 A boy gets a pie in the face when he looks out of his speech balloon.
H - Horse
Episode 2682 The horse rides on the cowboy.
I - Ice cream
Episode 0033 An ice cream scoop scoops up a bowl of ice cream, runs away with the ice cream container leaving ice cream on the boy's face.
I - Iron
Episode 0815 An iron irons the word.
I - Island
Episode 2727 A man discovers that he is standing on the head of a crocodile.
J - Jam
Episode 1709 A little boy gets jam poured all over him from within the balloon. But he doesn't mind- it's strawberry, his favorite flavor.
K - Key
Episode 2125
Included in Learning About Letters.
A man puts a key into a keyhole, but instead of just opening a door, he opens the entire front of his house. His wife calls to him from the bathtub, "Close the house, Leonard!"
L - Light
A man turns on a light, interrupting another man's sleep. Also in Spanish (luz).
L - Lips
A large pair of lips smooches a man.
L - Loud
Episode 1845
L - Lunchbox
Episode 0043
M - Mail
Included in This Way to Sesame Street. The mailbox attaches a stamp to the man's forehead and inside the mailbox a pair of hands grab the man.
N - Nail
Episode 0040 A man pulls a nail out of his speech balloon.
O - Open
Episode 0198
S - Snake
Episode 2096 A snake charmer plays a tune on his recorder; the snake doesn't enjoy the tune and decides to play another tune on the recorder. Also in Spanish (serpiente).
T - Train
Episode 0022 A railroad engineer catches a ride on a train.
V - Violin
Episode 2787 A musician plays a violin, which instantly breaks.
W - Water
A man's speech balloon becomes a water cooler.
Y - Yo-Yo
Episode 0043


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