Spencer Lott (b. September 17) is a puppeteer who has worked on various Sesame Street projects since 2014. He was an uncredited assistant on select Season 46 episodes,[1] credited as an assistant/additional Muppet performer on the special Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas, and operated Telly's right hand for a Mashable video. His first speaking role was as the letter K in a video for Sesame Street in Communities.[2] (YouTube) Lott received his first on-screen credit on Sesame Street as a Muppet performer in Season 49. In 2019, he garnered a further speaking role as Samuel, Julia's older brother.

Lott also served as an assistant/additional Muppet performer for the Muppets' opening performance at the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.[1]


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